Smile :)

Expressing my current self

7 Sep 2023

Resonating with "Tears in Rain"

20 Aug 2023

Ups and Downs, Rise and Fall, Round and Round, the cyclic nature of everything around  :)

10 July 2023

Wimbledon :)

7 July 2023

Love for Sport. Wimbledon, Ashes, British GP. I am so excited!... probably overexcited :)

After an extremely busy and stressful 5 or 6 months, this is the time to make a big comeback with Sports! The UK is bursting with sporting events this weekend. Tennis, Cricket, F1. Grateful to be here - the sports capital of the world!

2 July 2023

The Ashes just got uglier! Hahaha! Aus v Eng = Traditional v Bazball = Missionary v Bum stuff. Hahaha!

13 June 2023

Djokovic and Jokic, Great show guys! I feel like going back to Serbia again :)

19 May 2023

Go back now!

2 Dec 2022

I Love Cycling and Swimming and Climbing and Football :)

1 Dec 2022

Japannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :)

28 Nov 2022

Football Fever! 'Freed from desire' based football chants :)

04 Nov 2022

My new latest obsession - 'Philomena Cunk' :) 

Genius!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

8 Oct 2022

My new latest obsession - Only Desi's 'Revisit' :) 

Fantastic! Love your work! I can't stop laughing! Bingeing it whenever I get a chance!

5 Oct 2022

Woman! Life! Freedom! 

I am mighty impressed by Iranian Women. Their protest is an inspiration. We, men, have oppressed women for far too long in human history worldwide. Let them be free. Free to choose what they want to wear. Free to choose what they want to do. Free. Period. 

I am grateful to have incredible women in my life. My successes, in my career, in my personal life, in my health, and in every aspect have all been 'driven' by some wonderful women. To all of them - Thank you. I am truly grateful to you. I worship you :)

19 Sep 2022

And Now, This  :) 

18 Sep 2022


23 Aug 2022

Imagine me cycling long distances to this tune - one with my bike :)

15 Aug 2022
09 Aug 2022

Time to get more efficient :)

With all these opportunities coming my way, it reminds me of that famous Messi quote - "It took me 17 years to become an overnight success". The emphasis is on the 17 years of effort, not the overnight success. 

There are plenty of opportunities knocking on my door. Now, to deliver, my focus is on becoming more efficient. That is going to be the theme for the days ahead. Let's begin :)

19 July 2022

40.2 degrees Celsius in London...

... and sadly it is only going to get worse in the coming decades :(

19 June 2022

Busy Busy!

10 June 2022

Spent a lot of time exploring Zodiac signs...

... that too during a hectic period. That is it. I enjoyed this exercise but won't continue any further. I will now move on to finish some work :)

22 May 2022

Cycling :)

Seeing the world from the seat of my bicycle has given me a perspective pouring out as a song.
I have felt every up putting stress on my legs and sped through every descent down.
Piercing through the resistance of the wind and embracing it every time it pushed me on.
Heightened senses on a toiling stretch and then dozing off next to a river or a pond.
The scenic beauty of nature at large and grotesque human trash that pile on.
The harsh reality of accidents, and the courage to simply move on.
Handsfree through a gentle drizzle and the struggle to grip in a rainy storm.
The clarity of the path ahead until the next turn and the uncertainty of what’s beyond.


20 May 2022

Oh wow! So expressive! Most unexpected! My students are awesome! Thank you :)

14 May 2022


Halfway through, they stopped the train

We feel stuck, it is tough outside

The remaining stretch is a rough terrain

It's fine if you are by my side

We will climb the cliffs and swim across rivers

Just stay calm and happy inside

We will find our way holding hands together

It is all worth it if we can continue to smile :)


13 May 2022

MaPa, I have got your back. Keep going strong :)

12 May 2022

JDBha, I have got your back too. Keep going strong :)

11 May 2022 :)

"When in sync with with the universe, my experience of life grows exponentially!" 

The term 'yoga' is many things for many people ranging from twisting and stretching your body to philosophy. For me, it is to be in sync with the universe, catch its rhythm, its pulse, finetune to its frequency. 

Let's break this down to two terms - (1) universe, (2) in-sync.

I am defining universe to be everything in existence which includes myself.

Next, everything in existence is cyclic or wavelike in nature. Think seasons, day-night, my sleep-cycle, my breathing pattern, my emotions, even light has wave-nature, everything!

Next, the two most fundamental aspects of a wave is its frequency and its amplitude. 

Next, when you match the natural frequency of something then its amplitude gets amplified. Think of a swing. You don't put force all the time. Put force at specific times periodically and the swing goes higher and higher. In physics, we call this 'Resonance'.

And that is it. Be in-sync with the universe. Match its frequency. Resonance will happen.  The experience of life (which is the amplitude I am referring to) will increase. And it increases exponentially. For me, this is Yoga :)

But hold on... How do I know the frequency of various things in the universe?
Wait patiently. Pay attention. No distraction. Watch calmly. Just listen.
There is a fancy word for this - Meditation :)

Several of my favourite tracks - (1) In and Out of Phase, (2) Come Together, (3) Bombay, (4) Follow me  - which I keep going back to again and again periodically are based on this very personal and simple interpretation of Yoga.

10 May 2022

Busy Busy Busy!

17 April 2022

I love my bicycle :)

We went on an adventure!

16 April 2022

My Dreams look like this :)

15 April 2022

I am back :)

Last 20 days, I was on a covert mission.


My life experience, which was already quite rich, got richer :)

Thank you!

07 April 2022

Happy together :)

18 March 2022

Feeling fantastic :)

16 March 2022

My students clapped for me :)

Pleasantly surprised! Thank you!

14 March 2022

The real war is in Russia

Yes, there is a physical war in Ukraine. But the real war is in Russian minds. Cleaning of the many years of brainwashing. 

11 March 2022

Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Jogging + Podcasts :)

A new fascination for podcasts. Loving it!

6 March 2022


4 March 2022


Russian forces attacking a Nuclear Power plant! Extremely disappointing!

I am guessing the Doomsday Clock, which was at 100 seconds to midnight before the war started, needs to readjust to maybe 20 seconds to midnight.

3 March 2022

Yelena Osipova :)

You have made my day!

All the hatred instilled in Russian minds by Putin's propaganda needs to be won over by love and the melting of Russian hearts. 

That's it Ukraine. Hold on. Stall. Buy time. Russian hearts will melt and minds will open up. A Russian revolution to get rid of Putin is on its way :)

We have been calling it a Ukrainian crisis while in reality, it is a Russian crisis.

2 March 2022

Glad and Disappointed

I am glad the world raised its voice against Putin's insanity. 141 countries in the United Nations General Assembly condemned Putin's invasion of Ukraine and Putin's nonsensical threats to use Nuclear weapons. This is fantastic news!

However, I am deeply disappointed by India's abstention to vote. Yes, I know why India chose to do that. I am well-read on this issue. But nevertheless, deeply disappointed!

28 February 2022

Hold on Ukraine!

The more Ukraine holds, the more Russians from within Russia will protest, even the ones who previously supported Putin will start protesting.

27 February 2022

I stand with Ukraine

I am ashamed to know that India, China and UAE abstained from voting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the United Nations Security Council :(

21 February 2022

Follow me :)

My favourite track to listen to underwater these days! 

Also, the ABGT450 compilation and the Progressive - Falling Star - Compilation 4 sounds great underwater.

I think I should create a special playlist of tracks to listen to underwater. That will be fun :) 

Maybe after this term ends.

16 February 2022

Overworked :)

10 February 2022

If you think your pool is clean then it is most probably not!

I came across this video on measuring pee in swimming pools.

The main revelation is that the smell of a pool which we think is due to chlorine (which makes one think it is clean) is actually trichloramine coming from the reaction of pee and chlorine...

...which means if you think it is clean then it is not.

Hahahahahahahahahaha :)

07 February 2022

Bob Mortimer :)

 You are awesome!
(1) "We do beg your pardon, but we are in your garden" :)

(2) "I used to have 17 sugars in my cup of coffee or tea."
"Yes, because if I had 18 then it was too sweet for me." :)

(3) "I personally think they should reverse the toilet seat so that you can use the shelf."

01 February 2022

AfterShokz Xtrainerz :)

 I purchased Aftershokz Xtrainerz waterproof bone conduction mp3 headphones.

Music underwater! This is amazing! Wow! Loving it!

The first song I heard underwater - Doobey (which means dive deep or sinking deep). Swimming just got several folds better :)

28 January 2022

X+Y, the movie :)

Love interests of an autistic teen good at Maths. I watched it yesterday evening and found the movie quite funny actually!  

I wish I had a few girls interested in me at the training camp for the maths olympiad when I was a teen, just like in this movie :)

Why do they always show people good at maths to be socially awkward? I guess it is good content. A socially normal person good at maths is not interesting. It is what it is :)

27 January 2022

Wowwww! An amazing dream!

I woke up with goosebumps. It had everything in it.

My partner and I were hiding from a person with a gun. His random gunshot hits me. I want to scream but I can't. My partner does everything she could to help me endure the pain, keep me quiet and patiently wait for an opportunity to escape.

Usually, my dreams are silly, funny and just stupid. This one was an experientially rich dream. I woke up sweating with a throbbing heart. Reminds me of this song :)

15 January 2022


Mummaaaaa.... you scared me for an entire week. But it is okay. Now let us focus and work on a long, healthy, happy and adventurous life. Everything else is just drama :)

8 January 2022

Had the most amazing winter break. Now back to work :)