Smile :)

23 Dec 2021

Take me where I have to go :)

I learned to lose

I learned to win

I turn my face against the wind

I will move fast

I will move slow

Take me where I have to go

-Lyrics of 'Still Alive' by Mt Eden

17 Dec 2021

Starting tomorrow... an adventure :)

A bicycle trip covering Formula 1 Teams based in the UK.

Why Formula 1?
For me, this sport represents 'efficiency'. Hundreds and thousands of engineers work on making these racing cars as efficient as possible. I am making this trip in homage to 'efficiency', in pursuit of 'efficiency'.
By efficiency, I mean free-flowing blood in my veins.
By efficiency, I mean free-flowing signals in my nerves.
By efficiency, I mean free-flowing thoughts and emotions.
By efficiency, I mean free-flowing energy.
By efficiency, I mean a free-flowing smile :)

14 Dec 2021

Basky and Footy patiently waiting for their time :)

12 Dec 2021

Final lap Miracle :)

And Perez is a LEGEND! The best teammate!

I am hoping to take some time this Christmas break and visit all F1 teams based in UK on my bicycle. It forms a nice circuit of its own :)

11 Dec 2021

This weekend is all Formula 1 for me :)

10 Dec 2021

Magnus Carlsen once again :)

09 Dec 2021

I am fascinated by free dive :)

05 Dec 2021

369.5 points each. The most exciting Formula 1 season ever!

03 Dec 2021

136 moves :)

01 Dec 2021

What is next? Fantasy Football :)

But this time with some heavy-duty Machine Learning!

27 Nov 2021

Balance :)

24 Nov 2021

Zuri :)

23 Nov 2021

I need a mountain bike :)

Last week, I took my 'Smile' (Specialized Sirrus) to her limits. It was far too rough for her. Got her fully serviced today. My bicycle doctor - Mr Gurinder - did an excellent job in bringing her back to life. From now on, 'Smile' is only for good city roads. For off-road, I need a mountain bike. So let the search begin :)

22 Nov 2021

Today the swimming pool turned into a dance floor to this song :)

20 Nov 2021


17 Nov 2021

Was that my greatest bicycle adventure yet or the stupidest :)

120+km Heathrow - Gatwick - Heathrow at night :)

The stretch from Letterhead to Reigate was a pure adrenaline rush - I had my heart in my throat :)

15 Nov 2021

The journey between two breaths

My fascination for underwater swimming has forced me to pay real close attention to my breaths. More specifically, the journey that begins with inhalation before I go into the water and the inhalation after I come out from the water.

When one breath is all you have, then efficiency and optimisation is everything. But what to optimise against? Maximise time under water? Reach maximum depth underwater? or cover maximum horizontal distance/area underwater? Or a combination of all three? It is up to you.


When one life is all you have, then efficiency and optimisation is everything. What to optimise against (happiness, adventure, exploration, etc.) is the question. It is up to you :)

14 Nov 2021

'Beggars can't choose' is a myth :)

A strange and bizarre incident that made us ponder and laugh. A homeless beggar (at least by his appearance) came up to us while my friend and I were walking in Ealing. He begged for money to buy a burger. I offered him a muffin which I was carrying. He refused to take it and said,

"I am on a diet. Money for a burger will do."

"I am sorry, this is all I have", I replied.

He hesitated and then chose to take the muffin. He gave us a look that he was doing us a favour by compromising his diet. It took me a few seconds for the incident to sink in. He was concerned that the muffin will spoil his health more than hunger! There is a lesson to learn here. Everyone, from rich to poor, can exercise their right to choose. This beggar wanted to choose good health over a full stomach. Who am I to judge his choice :)

13 Nov 2021

My high is below :)

12 Nov 2021

Irufushi :)

11 Nov 2021

In and out of phase

09 Nov 2021

MaPa, don't worry. Bhaiya and I have got your back :)

01 Nov 2021

"Liberating Algebra from Geometry" :)

What a wonderful video introducing complex numbers! I am impressed by Veritasium. This video is Excellent!

I enjoyed this quote the most, "While Mathematicians have grown accustomed to imaginary numbers, Physicists have not and are uncomfortable seeing it show up in such a fundamental theory." :)

31 Oct 2021

Fine line between faith and delusion :)

Watched the documentary - House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths - with MaPa.

Bizzare! Highly recommend it. There is a lot to learn from this documentary :)

30 Oct 2021

Ocean Conservancy :)

I donate £30 every month (£1 per day). If you have some money to spare then please donate to our oceans :)

29 Oct 2021

Ocean Bloom :)

I am having a great time underwater!

26 Oct 2021

I did my longest underwater swim with one breath only - 25 meters :)

It's taken me a very long time to reach this level of efficiency!

24 Oct 2021

Look for open spaces :)

A sporting bonanza! Watched India Pakistan T20 cricket + Manchester United Liverpool football + F1 US Grand Prix. Today, I felt, it was all about open spaces. In sports, we tend to see where our opponents are. Today, however, it felt like the winning players - Babar Azam, Mo. Rizwan, Mo. Salah, Max Verstappen - could see where open spaces are in their respective sports. A subtle difference. Loved it, despite India losing the match :)

23 Oct 2021

Gooooooooooo :)

11 Oct 2021

Belong :)

07 Oct 2021

Nobel Prizes :)

03 Oct 2021

My new obsession - Strava :)

30 Sep 2021

Please buy new clothes only if it is absolutely necessary :)

For example, buy a new shirt only as a replacement for an old torn shirt that is no longer wearable. Please don't buy a new shirt just because you feel like shopping. And let's stop gifting clothes to others. The chances are they will never wear it ever and all the greenhouse gases emitted in making it will be a waste!

The current rate at which we shop for clothes is burning the planet! Come back to this post in the 2030s or 2040s and you will know why.

28 Sep 2021

Changing gears feels like this... :)

26 Sep 2021

What a race! The 5minute rain was the winner. Wow :)

20 Sep 2021

I would like to believe I played a role in this :)

18 Sep 2021

This tune plays in my mind when I swim :)

16 Sep 2021

Beards - Ig Nobel 2021 :)

12 Sep 2021

Mistakes in the lines of my fate :)

You will find
Mistakes in
The lines of my
Fate in
My stretched palm
With coarse skin
And yet my
Face beams
Of joy glow
Silly grin
Coz' I run, climb
And swim
And bike through
The rain and wind
May fall down
In slipstream
And that's the
Mistake in
The lines of my
Fate which
I don't mind :)


11 Sep 2021

Ronaldo and Raducanu :)

It was a pleasure to watch the two of you play today! Especially Emma :)

Looking forward to Djoko and Verstappen tomorrow.

10 Sep 2021

18km on foot + 1.8km in water :)

08 Sep 2021

6km on foot + 3.9km in water :)

06 Sep 2021

London Conquered :)

First, India conquered North London with the win at the Lords and now, India conquered South London with the win at the Oval. Enjoyed it :)

06 Sep 2021

25km on foot + 1.1km in water :)

05 Sep 2021

Enjoyed two Oscar winning movies :)

04 Sep 2021

From one obsession to next - this time triathlon :)

The Olympic triathlon comprises 1.5km swimming + 40km cycling + 10km running. Today, after a lot of practice, I managed to swim 2.1km + bicycle 56km + walked 2.6km in one day. For the first time in several years, I feel I did something equivalent to a triathlon albeit at my own slow pace and a different ratio of activities. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of my parents, especially my mom who swims with me :)

23 Aug 2021

Still underwater like a napping Sperm Whale :)

21 Aug 2021

Elizabeth line :)

16 Aug 2021

Jarvo 69 and what a remarkable victory :)

09 Aug 2021

Wonderful two weeks of sports! Now moving on to Linear Algebra :)

The past two weeks were exciting and hectic. I was following the Olympic games closely in addition to my other activities like work and training. Didn't get time to post anything on this webpage. Very tired but thoroughly satisfied. Loved what India, Britain and Japan did :)

Now enough of sports. I am gathering my energy to focus on my next intellectual adventure - Linear Algebra. This is going to be epic!

26 Jul 2021

I resonate with this soundtrack from the Olympics Broadcasting Services :)

The piano part takes me to a different level! A sense of blue fire :)

22 Jul 2021

Excited about the Olympic Games :)

I am cheering for India (place of birth), Great Britain (place of work), and Japan (place of worship)! If the three countries combined win more medals than the USA or China or whoever is on top then I will be ecstatic :)

18 Jul 2021


12 Jul 2021

I really like Virgin Galactic's logos. Better than SpaceX or Blue Origin :)

11 Jul 2021

Feeling sad :(

I was hoping to see London party like never before. Congratulations to Italy. Iodex Maliye Kaam Pe Chaliye. Moving on. Next, Tokyo :)

06 Jul 2021

Textbook football :)

Italy played textbook Italian style football.

Spain played textbook Spanish style football.

It really felt like reading a textbook on football :)

Top-quality semi-final! Respect for both teams!

05 Jul 2021

London is the sports capital of the world :)

Wembley, where Euros is being played, is 12.7 km away.
Wimbledon is 21.2 km away.
Silverstone race track is 84.2 km away.
The Lord's cricket ground is 20.2 km away.

For a sports fan, like myself, London is paradise. I am feeling thankful :)

04 Jul 2021

Climate change :(

Remember how Covid cases escalated exponentially? Initially, there were a few single digit cases first and then in a matter of days, we had thousands dying each day.

Climate change is going to be far worse. Far far far worse! From 10s to 100s to 1000s to millions in years to come.
Feeling Helpless :(

I am anticipating such extreme weather conditions in London too in the coming months :(

03 Jul 2021

Yessssssssssssssssssssssss :)

02 Jul 2021

Noooooooooooooooo :(

29 Jun 2021

France!!! Switzerland :) Wow!

28 Jun 2021

Max Verstappen and Belgium :)

25 Jun 2021

Finally got my first vaccine jab. Pfizer :)

24 Jun 2021

Moving on :)

New Zealand cricket team is the epitome of sportsmanship. The most likeable team in the world, I would argue. They won the World Test Championship. I think the better team won. Period :)

Moving on, excited about the Euros :)

I am rooting for Belgium first and England second!

19 Jun 2021

Trying to be well-rested :)

Federer sleeps 12 hours a day. Einstein used to sleep 10+ hours a day. No, I am not proposing everyone should sleep longer. The emphasis is on being well-rested and fresh. Brilliance thrives when one is well-rested.

Most road accidents happen when the driver is tired. I lost my calm today and I realise that it is because I was just tired. So today is dedicated to complete rest. I can deal with challenging situations tomorrow. Today, I need to recover :)

18 Jun 2021

World Test Championship just 114km away :)

16 Jun 2021

Creativity at its best! What a beautiful proof :)

09 Jun 2021

Life-expectancy, a historical perspective :)

A long discussion with MaPa brought us to this web page. One of my favourite websites!

06 Jun 2021

Vettel stayed in the car just to stay in 'the zone' :)

"Red flag and restart always has the potential to break your concentration. But I stayed in the car (unlike other drivers who took the opportunity to get off the car and refresh) to try and stay in the ZONE"
-Sebastian Vettel after finishing 2nd in Baku Grand Prix.

05 Jun 2021

Turn 15 in Baku!

Leclerc, Verstappen, Stroll, Giovinazzi, Tsunoda and Sainz had crashed into the wall at Turn 15 in Baku in the practice and qualifying sessions of the Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix.

I guess they forgot to put this road sign before Turn 15 in Baku :)

Dramatic so far!

04 Jun 2021

"The beauty of Statistics is it reveals things you can't really see with the unaided eye" :)

Teaching statistics has been a great honour and a privilege. I am able to appreciate its strengths (and weaknesses) now more than ever. Enjoying to watch its rise in sports, especially cricket, which not many sports fans realise. I had sports-based statistics examples in my lectures and it was well-received. I think I will have more sports-based examples and questions for future assignments and exams. Maybe some student will end up being a lead analyst of an international cricket team (or football or formula1 or any other sport). Let's see :)

03 Jun 2021

Devon Conway, 200 runs in a debut at the Lord's, respect :)

31 May 2021
30 May 2021

I want to teach my courses in Ozzy Man's style :)

29 May 2021

India's obsession with 'Ijjat' (Status)!

Kunal Shah is an Indian entrepreneur. A friend of mine shared with me his interview. To my surprise, his thoughts and opinions are identical to mine. Almost. I resonate with the mindset :)

One of his opinions is that Indians are obsessed with 'status in the society' (Ijjat or izzat whichever way you pronounce it). Kunal highlights that Indians spend more money on furniture for the 'living room' (which is meant to be shown to guests) and not on the 'bedroom' (where they actually live).

It's kind of true. Even in my Indian friend circle, the richest are in the business of marriage decorations. The big fat Indian wedding is a matter of status. I am not demeaning the work of my friends. They are actually quite hardworking. They are just doing what people want. The focus is on 'what people want' and they want 'status' (ijjat) and not health or knowledge or wisdom or new perspectives or new experiences or new adventures or happiness in general, etc.

Extend this example to any aspect of life and Indians, in general, are still stuck in "log kya kahenge" (what will other people say or think about me) mentality and not really curious about more fundamental things in life.

28 May 2021
27 May 2021

Alma matters :)

A lovely web series!
Reminds me of my undergraduate years :)

26 May 2021

Bravo Veritasium :)

Very well explained! Fantastic video! You made my day :)

25 May 2021

I regret missing Monaco Grand Prix!

24 May 2021

Obsessed with Operations Research :)

Optimise Optimise Optimise!

Fastest, Cheapest, Maximise gains, Minimise loss. I have been creating Operations Research puzzles for my parents and they are loving it :)

16 May 2021

India resists Science!

Does India hate science? No.
Does India love science? No.
India just resists science. It will pursue only if it needs to. Only to the extent that will result in immediate returns. Not because it wants to. Not because it is curious.

04 May 2021

Dear India. This too shall pass. Just wait!

Every time I talk to someone back home in India, they tell me some relative of theirs has died. My advice is simple - this too shall pass, just wait patiently in isolation! Theoretically, we could eradicate Covid by simply staying in isolation from each other for 14 days. Yes, just 14 days of synchronized, coordinated isolation of every individual simultaneously. No two humans come in contact with each other for two weeks. That's it! On the 15th day, after the last person to have Covid has either recovered fully (or unfortunately succumbed to it), would be the end of it. But yes, this is far fetched and unpragmatic - asking 7Billion+ people to stay isolated from each other for 14 days simultaneously is a tough ask.

For now, just wait!

30 Apr 2021

Happy MaPa, singing and dancing their way through vaccination :)

19 Apr 2021

A new look :)



18 Apr 2021

Slippery Imola :)

An excellent race.

A true test of driving skills - even Sir Lewis Hamilton slipped!

Sunday well spent :)

17 Apr 2021

What does second place sound like?

Hahahahahah :)

I feel people who just pass are happier than people who come second although second place is better than just pass.

Tomorrow, two redbulls in faster cars will chase 'Sir' Hamilton!

16 Apr 2021

O sweet sound of Doppler :)

O sweet sound of Doppler
v by v minus the speed of that car
get ready, pay attention proper
that minus will turn plus and take you far



13 Apr 2021

A new face every day :)

Inspired by the Batman villain Clayface, who can make himself look like anyone, imagine if you had a new face every day. Would you end up losing your identity? Or would you end up identifying yourself with each and every face you take on?

Technically, we do have a new face every day but the difference between our appearance from one day to another is minute. A good reminder that I have a new face every day, a new form every day, new thoughts every day. I need not have a rigid identity. I can have a flexible identity.

08 Apr 2021

Batman - The animated series :)

I have begun watching one of the best Cartoon series ever made. My favourite! Batman - the animated series. Watched...

  1. The cat and the claw

  2. On leather wings

  3. Heart of Ice

Fascinated by hot air balloon ships of Police scanning the city at night.

02 Apr 2021

Hahahahaha... good one Agadmator :)

01 Apr 2021

Love Tessallation :)

31 Mar 2021

Mesmerizing Vocals :)

30 Mar 2021

Peaking at the right place at the right time :)

Learnt about KERS and DRS in F1 racing. These allow drivers to gain extra speed but the problem is one cannot use them all the time. This makes its strategic timely use vital.

Extend this to life, when manoeuvering through life events it can greatly benefit me if I can time my actions to perfection. Allowing things to progress at their natural pace and when the opportunity arises I will use KERS and DRS :)

29 Mar 2021

This year - F1 :)

I hear Redbull is now a more powerful machine than Mercedes.
I hear Verstappen is a more aggressive driver than Hamilton.

I am told this year is going to be exciting!

I haven't been watching Formula 1 since Michael Schumacher left Ferrari (long long ago).
I guess I will restart following F1 once again before it dies in the age of electric :)

22 Mar 2021

Resumed running. It feels like ... :)

Watch till the end... Hahahahahaha!

18 Mar 2021

Today is an auspicious day :)

17 Mar 2021

Thanks, Joe Biden :)

14 Mar 2021

I miss my university :)

Especially the overnighters in the library!

06 Mar 2021

In the zone!.... again :)

02 Mar 2021

Ratatouille - loved it :)

27 Feb 2021

A brilliant video essay on Neil Wagner :)

Looking forward to a great fight when India and New Zealand will contest for World Test Championship at Lords, London.

Also, India vs England Test Match at Lords on 15th August. How cool is that :)

26 Feb 2021

Headbands - a new obsession :)

22 Feb 2021

Appearance can be misleading :)

21 Feb 2021

More unnecessary drama forecasted ahead :)

Fortunately, I am over-occupied to be bothered by it :)

Unfortunately, I am over-occupied to deal with it and resolve it properly :(

BTW... My beard is inspired by the druids in Asterix :)

06 Feb 2021

Watched 'Searching' :)

Another fantastic movie!

02 Feb 2021

Watched 'Sully: Miracle on the Hudson' :)

What a wonderful story!

Well, I don't want something like this to happen to me obviously. But then deep down, I actually want it: near-death experience, narrow escapes, miracles! Its been a long time. I am seeking adventure, I guess :)

31 Jan 2021

Met a friend after 18 years :)

A cliche, yet apt: Time flies like an arrow!

30 Jan 2021

Looking forward to England's tour of India. Look who else is excited :)

29 Jan 2021

QI - My latest obsession :)

This is a show with comedians quizzing/discussing interesting facts. I am watching one clip every hour (almost) whenever I take a break. It's one of the best things on Youtube!

Here is the Channel's link

QI is, indeed, 'Quite Interesting' :)

I watch QI, to improve my IQ :)

24 Jan 2021

Mumma enjoys snowfall like a child :)

23 Jan 2021

Wonderful Weather :)

I love the weather in Britain, more than anything else!

22 Jan 2021

Watermelon as a birthday cake :)

21 Jan 2021

Need, Greed and everything in between :)

I watched TUMBBAD movie and I am impressed. Highly recommend it. The story is the same as Aesop's fable - the golden egg, something we read in kindergarten. But it is the story-telling in TUMBBAD that's amazing!

"The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not everyone's greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

The movie made me ponder more deeply about Need and Greed. As an exercise, I started classifying material things around me into NEED and GREED categories for a while. Very quickly I came across grey areas. Hmmm! It is a spectrum. Good to be aware of it. The exercise reminds me of the 'minimalism' exercise where I put all my possessions into a bag and then take those things out that I need. Over a period of time, say a few months, whatever is left behind in the bag are the things I never needed!

19 Jan 2021

Australia vs India 2020/21 Border-Gavaskar Test series :)

This test series of cricket was not a sporting event. It is a story!

No. It is not a story. It is a saga!

It is not any ordinary saga. It is an epic saga!

At the risk of exaggeration and philosophising - this test series was divine! The greatest I have ever seen (although passively)! With a tear in my eye and a smile on my face, I bow down to the 'story' that was expressed in the form of this test series :)

11 Jan 2021

"Bruised. Broken. But never short of character" -Rahane

I am talking about the test match against Australia in Sydney. India survived 132 overs (792 balls)! Remarkable! This match was a poem! This match was a piece of art! Thoroughly satisfied :)

09 Jan 2021

Every news should be shown with Takeshi's Castle music in the background :)

What was the Indian Flag doing in the Capitol Hill protest? hahahahahaha!

08 Jan 2021

130 Kilometres in 13 days :)

We walked 18.1 Kilometres in just one day and 130 Kilometres in the last 13 days!

04 Jan 2021

Resuming work :)

Feeling a little bit lazy to restart working once again! But as the great Raju Srivastav says, "Iodex Maliye Kaam Pe Chaliye!" hahahaha :)

This term, next 3 months, is big. I am beginning a new Chapter in my life and career. Unwavering focus, unfaltering patience and an undeterred smile will come handy :)

03 Jan 2021

Something is better than nothing :)

We walked 70 kilometres in the last 7 days. Seems like I am developing a new habit of walking 10 kms each day. I would have wanted some kind of a running habit but walking is fine too. Something is better than nothing!

02 Jan 2021

Please watch David Attenborough's latest documentary :)

Its a humble request. This is a must watch. Highly recommend it!

01 Jan 2021

Unexpected fireworks :)

Well! I thought London had chosen not to celebrate because the pandemic is at its peak over here. But it did in a creative way.

I liked it! Especially David Attenborough's message at the end :)